Irene is a classically trained spinto soprano with extensive experience in classical, folk and heavy metal music.  Her current project is Kindred Crow, a Pagan Folk band based in Western Maryland.  Irene’s personal discography is four full-length albums and three EPs.

Kindred Crow

Kindred Crow is a Pagan Folk project featuring Irene Glasse (Cassandra Syndrome, Imbolc Fire, Revel Moon), Chris Kackley (Cassandra Syndrome, Imbolc Fire), singer songwriter Kat Gray (Kat Savery, Twelve Days Dry) percussionist Rachel Elizabeth and didgeridoo player Jake Hackney. Blending elements of mystery, magic, music and mirth, Kindred Crow is an acoustic journey through the landscape of Spirit. Songs shift and shimmer like sunlight on dark feathers, treading the ground between myth, imagination and memory. This gleaming hoard of secret treasure and shining stories finds a voice in acoustic instruments and vocals at once sweet and compelling. Kindred Crow flies free, giving melody a cloak of wings and a call impossible to ignore. Listen, and hear the call of the Crow.

Imbolc Fire
Imbolc_WebImbolc Fire was the Pagan Folk Rock studio project of three members of Cassandra Syndrome: Irene Glasse, Chris Kackley and Jay Jericho. The project channeled earthy spirituality and mysticism into acoustic, hand-percussion driven musical journeys. Spanning from jubilant to deeply introspective, this group offered the listener a moving tapestry of sonic experiences.

Cassandra Syndrome





Cassandra Syndrome was a Maryland-based Symphonic/Gothic Metal band brimming with explosive riffs, operatic punch and infectious energy.  Cassandra Syndrome broke up in 2014 after a 7 year run.  The band’s discography includes three full-length albums and an EP. This female-fronted powerhouse combined elements that were simultaneously dark and beautiful. Forcefully heavy riffs and a healthy dose of groove combined with soaring soprano vocals to create what Metal Bite called “[P]ure metal magic… music with a purpose while still blowing your doors off with an attack that is as brutal as a shark feeding frenzy.”



Revel Moon
34680_113096748738907_2750217_nRevel Moon was a Pagan Folk Rock project that had a three year run in the early 2000s.  Performing at Pagan festivals up and down the coast, Revel Moon was a musical expression of the enthusiasm, connection and magick felt throughout the Pagan community.