Labyrinth Workshops

Irene is available to lead Labyrinth workshops for private groups, gatherings and festivals.  Labyrinths offer an incredible canvas for expression–if your event has a particular theme or goal, Irene can tailor a Labyrinth experience to fit.  Here are two examples of Labyrinth workshops.

CandlesWalking in Spirit: The Labyrinth as Movement Meditation

The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol of transformation, spirituality and connection. Join Irene and Robin for an informative and moving Labyrinth workshop. Peacefully walking the Labyrinth can be a helpful spiritual tool to quiet the mind, open the heart, and bring new clarity. When we deepen a Labyrinth practice with focus and awareness, new avenues of inspiration, connection and healing spring open. Discover the history of the Labyrinth, the different techniques and approaches to Labyrinth walks and how to incorporate this incredible tool for growth into your life. Workshop includes a facilitated Labyrinth walk and closing Labyrinth Ritual.

5450704773_527c5a95faThe Healing Labyrinth: Releasing Burdens with Sacred Sound

The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol of transformation, spirituality and connection. One of its most potent uses is as a way to release–to let go of pain, frustration, anger, apathy and feelings of being stuck in a bad situation. This workshop will help attendees work through their burdens in a healthy, constructive way. The workshop will include a facilitated Labyrinth Ritual featuring the use of rattles and chimes to help us Release that which does not serve and Receive healing and renewal.

A Labyrinth at Your Event

IMGP1781Labyrinths can be created easily outdoors in material that will wash away with the first rain (flour or birdseed).  They can be created to fit almost any size of space–whether a large field, small clearing or the floor of a pavilion (chalk).  They can also be created to last a little longer (spray paint, fallen twigs and branches) in the case of a festival or event that occurs over a week or more.


ElisaFor indoor spaces, Irene can provide a 25′ x 25′ canvas Rainbow Seed Labyrinth.  Canvas labyrinths can *only* be used indoors since they are incredibly sensitive to soot and moisture.

Please visit the Contact page if you are interested in having a Labyrinth at your event.



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