Learn the basics of Pagan spiritual practices with Frederick CUUPS Co-Chair Irene Glasse. Build a strong philosophical foundation, develop your spiritual connection, learn common beliefs and practices and deepen your journey into Pagan faith. This is a beginner’s course and everyone is welcome. The course can be taken as a whole with homework, feedback and personalized guidance or as drop-in sessions. Each class includes a lecture portion, open Q&A, practical application exercises, and a handout.

Cost of course:
Full course with homework and feedback: recommended donation of $120.
Drop-in sessions: recommended donation of $10 per session.

The Course:

March 14th: What is Paganism?
March 28th: Crafting the Pagan Soul
April 11th: Energy & Energy Work
April 25th: Powers That Be
May 9th: Tools of the Trade
May 23rd: Spells and Rituals
June 13th: Pagan Crafting
June 27th: Defensive and Protective Magick
July 11th: Divination
July 25th: Self-Initiation Ritual for those who wish to participate

To sign up for the full course with homework, visit http://www.frederickuu.org/ase/register.php