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I write Attunements to read during my Thursday Reiki & Restorative class at The Shala in Frederick, MD.  Here’s a new offering for this evening’s class.

You can feel the change coming in the air around you. You see it in the flashes of gold, orange, and yellow as you pass sprawling green farmland. The sunlight glows warmly on the vines and broad leaves in the fields, orange treasures of autumn growing with every passing day.

Every drop of sunlight is sacred now, and you treasure the deep green of the leaves above you, filtering the golden light as it spills through the forest. The sky is somehow bluer, a deeper shade of infinity in air so clear that everything around you seems outlined in light. Brighter. Deeper.

You can feel it in the quiet of evening. Summer still reigns in daylight, but as darkness falls, gentle tendrils of cool air wrap themselves around you. The night orchestra plays fullest, most beautiful, at this time. They know, too, that their concert must end someday soon. And so jubilant song fills the night. The sky is a riot of stars, the clear skies brilliant with that celestial dance. The crisp night air brings color to your cheeks as you gaze skyward, starlight in your eyes.

When you wake in the morning, the grass is heavy with dew, and mist hangs in the air. Every surface bears the touch of the night, glimmering as the sun reaches out to warm you.

The vibrant green of the leaves will soon transform—flames of yellow, red and gold licking at their edges, then sweeping across hill and field, as though the very wind carries color in its wake. The clear air will sharpen even more, and you will nestle into your blankets, savoring the warmth as night descends.

But for now, you treasure the sunlight, the warmth on your skin, the birdsong in the air. All the more precious as the season winds down. For now, you gather up the glory of summer, drawing it deep into your heart. For now, you stand between. Between summer and autumn. Between long days and long nights. Between growth and rest. And you balance, and savor, and breathe.