It waits for you
just outside your thoughts
Like the damp mist hanging in the trees
That you walk under but do not really see

It lingers
Like the last light of day
Turning the blades of grass to gold
As the flowers begin to draw their petals closed
And turn their faces inward

You can hear it, if you listen
The space between words
The hush of the midnight sky
The comforting quiet that wraps you in slumber


Smooth and blue and unchanging
The surface of an endless ocean
That in the distance becomes the sky

In its sacred shadow
The scattered pieces slow their dancing

And sink

So many pebbles at the bottom of the sea
Growing smooth

It holds you
If you let it
In those unguarded moments
When your hands open and turn to the sky

To feel the mist in the trees
To cradle the illumination of the sunset

And to sink

Like a pebble growing smooth

Into the deep blue
Of Stillness

Into the deep blue

Of Stillness